the application

the application.

Trying to save time, from what could very well be… an extremely bad experience for you.

I could also be the girl of your dreams.

Really depends on how hungry I am.

***Please scroll down for the politics in regards to the application. By submitting the application you agree to all terms.***

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the low down.

By submitting this application you agree and consent to the following:

  • You are over the age of 18. You really need to be over the age of 30 let’s be honest.

  • You consent me showing anyone and everyone your submission if I feel like it.

  • There is a very solid chance I will respond. Be prepared. If I don’t respond, I’m doing you a favor.

  • You need to live in Dallas. Flying me out to your location, putting me up at a 5 star hotel with cushy robes, room service, and a sick pool…is also acceptable.

  • I anticipate minimal applications, so feel free to refer your friends, brother, cousin, uncle, or your dad.

  • If you are an ex boyfriend of mine, and would like to date me again, I have a different website for you. Please visit and buy back my affection.

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