stuff I'm not into

stuff I’m not into.

  • Gym selfies. ( Really any guy taking selfies to begin with. )

  • Leaf blowers outside my window at 7am.

  • Duck face, snap filters & overly airbrushed photos. ( Some of you are out of control.)

  • The end of the bread. Yes. I eat carbs.

  • Use of “lol” by the male species.

  • Green texts.

  • Working out.

  • Texting back and forth with a person for months, and never meeting them.

  • Meeting the person you have texted with for months, and realizing they’re terrible.

  • Overly attractive people.

  • Large crowds.

  • Bad teeth.

  • The Uptown Trolley, which I think I’m banned from.

  • The following diets: Paleo, Vegan, Atkins, Juicing, really any diet ever.

  • Clubs.